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This page last updated 30/10/2009
The Wooden Rover
Here you can see and hear the most popular offering from
O'Brien Whistles- a three piece pocket whistle made from
exotic hardwood.  It features a Delrin fipple and mouthpiece
and brass fittings.  Like all O'Brien whistles, the airway is
curved, which along with the Delrin prevents moisture from
causing problems.  The brass fittings at the two joints have an
inside diameter of 0.5 inch, like the rest of the bore, so the
whistle is a perfect cylinder from mouthpiece to tip.

here or here for a sound sample.
here to see Rovers in Delrin and Osage Orange wood.
Here is the sound of a Delrin Rover.
here to check out a Rover in Delrin with full set of
brass ferrules and an unfinished zebrawood Rover.
Here is a
set of Delrin Rovers consisting of a head joint and
three two-piece bodies.
Here are some photos of a set of Rovers in rosewood.
A set of purpleheart Rovers can be seen
Every wooden Rover comes with a
three pocket drawstring bag.
The bag fits nicely in a shirt pocket.
These photos show a Rover whistle in bocote, which is also called Mexican rosewood.
Here is a Rover whistle made from African blackwood.
Click to see and hear Rover
whistles in the keys of soprano
C and Eb.