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This page last updated 13/01/2018
Pricing and Ordering
Prices are in Canadian dollars.
Please add the appropriate shipping charge
from the table below.
To pay by PayPal enter  in the recipient's email box
after clicking Send Money.  I will confirm your order by email.  
Please email me if you wish to pay by another method.
Shipping Charges
The following prices are for tracked shipping.  Tracking is not available for some
countries.  Please enquire at the time of ordering.
Within Canada and USA:
single whistle or set: C$25, low D: C$35, whisolo: C$25

Outside North America:
single whistle or set: C$35, low D: C$40, whisolo: C$5
Canada Post now requires the recipient's telephone number.
Wooden or Delrin 3-piece Rover with cloth case                                $250
Wooden or Delrin 3-piece Rover with wooden case                            $305
Extra Rover body in C or E flat                                                         $125
Tunable Low D                                                                                $185
Case for Low D                                                                                 $45
Narrow-bore brass whistle in D or C                                                 $160
Stowaway in D,C or B flat, with or without lanyard                            $190
Case for single whistle                                                                       $20
Whisolo chromatic pennywhistle (converted piccolo)                         $250
Whisolo head joint only                                                                   $160

Note: African blackwood Rovers are still available, but only to Canadian buyers.  
I have a small stock of timber, purchased several years ago.  New regulations
restrict the export of this wood from Canada.